Harvard Library is now using the symbol HUL for interlibrary loan requests. Please submit your request here: https://illiad.hul.harvard.edu/illbasicauth/HUL/lending/lendinglogon.html

This form is intended only for institutions that are not able to submit requests via OCLC (our symbol is HLS). Please do not attempt to place requests when we are a non-supplier in OCLC.

Institutions that wish to open an account or individuals not affiliated with an institution please contact Harvard Library Resource Sharing via e-mail for more information about placing a request.

We fill requests for materials held at the following libraries:

Baker Business
Cabot Science
Countway School of Medicine
Gutman Library
Loeb Design
Museum of Cooperative Zoology
Harvard Kennedy School
Loeb Music
Fine Arts
Harvard-Yenching Library

If you require an item from a Harvard Library not listed above please contact them directly.http://lib.harvard.edu/


Loans - $25 domestic, $45 international
Articles - $25

ATLA - Free Loans, $16/article
Biodiversity Heritage Libraries - Free Loans, Free articles

We accept IFLA vouchers for payment. Invoices are sent after the item is shipped.

Harvard Library Resource Sharing
Widener Library G-30
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617.495.2972
E-mail: ill@harvard.edu